: a Combined Last.fm Player and Ripper

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LastLonger is a combined player and ripper for the Last.fm streaming radio service. Love, ban or skip tracks as you listen, while LastLonger automatically saves listened tracks to disk so you can transfer them to your MP3 device.


Version 0.4 Released

2008-07-19: The audio delay problem has been if not solved then at least circumvented (by setting the Splay audio player as the default, instead of MPlayer). A new command-line switch has also been added, to explicitly set the directory in which the MP3 files are stored.

First Version Released

2008-05-16: LastLonger makes its first public release with version 0.2. Check out the Download section.

Bugs and Todos

Things that are less than ideal, ordered roughly by priority.

Bug: Audio Delay Solved

This release fixes — well, circumvents, at least — the problem that there is usually a delay of about 40–50 seconds after a stream starts until audio starts playing when MPlayer is used. It turns out that this problem is nonexistent if Splay is used instead, so this is now the default.

Todo: Test Under Windows

The program should run on any platform where Perl is available, but I haven't actually tested this yet.

Todo: Ability to Turn Playback and Ripping On and Off

It would probably be neat to be able to switch playback and streaming on and off while the program is running.

Todo: Ability to Run Without Logging In

With the official player, it's possible to listen without being logged in. The published protocol doesn't explain how to do this, and none of the other players and rippers I have looked at have this feature. But it would be nice.

Todo: The Code Is Ugly

This is just a quick hack and the code could be made considerably clearer and a lot more modular.